Life can be busy, complicated and messy. Just in our personal lives, we have an abundance of responsibilities related to our health, household, family, finances, hobbies, etc. Somedays it may even seem like a full-time job to keep up with these, and then we add our jobs into the mix creating an additional time commitment and varying responsibilities depending on the job one chooses to do. Not to mention the work responsibilities of a business owner if you are your own boss. More and more the line between our personal and work lives begin to blur, as we work to keep everything afloat. This line is a tight-rope that we all walk to try our best to maintain a work-life balance.

There are many wonderful things in our personal and work lives that can provide fulfillment and joy, but when we become overwhelmed by either side in the work-life balance equation there is the potential that both sides may suffer. For instance, there may be a big conference coming up next week and there are a multitude of tasks to complete to make it go just right, or at least close to just right. The pay-off in a job well done may be a sense of accomplishment or recognition from colleagues, but what if the late hours put in for the “just right” causes the person to fall behind on taking care of themselves. Perhaps when the big conference day arrives, due to the missing care of oneself, they become sick and can’t attend anyway. What was it all for? This is why work-life balance is crucial for either side.

So, let’s regain that work-life balance to be successful at both. There are some excellent resources out there to provide you with the steps for a work-life balance and show you how to watch out for those pitfalls of losing that balance. The Mayo Clinic’s article on work-life balance shows the signs of a potential loss of this balance and what you can do to overcome it. Forbes also notes some great steps to achieving work-life balance. There is no shortage of suggestions on how to make it work for you.

Some suggestions to help regain a balance between your work and personal life may include:

• Learning to say “No” with both personal and work commitments after understanding what time you can actually provide, will allow you to feel the completion of accomplishments and remain involved without overdoing it.
• Setting Boundaries by defining work and home times and communicating these to your family, friends and colleagues. Understanding emergencies happen and this may be difficult from time to time.
• Avoiding checking emails once you leave work, follows along with setting time boundaries at work.
• Learn what opportunities your employer has for flexible work options, such as telework, if that would help.

No matter how you choose to solve the work-life balance equation, just remember that nobody is perfect and even the small efforts made to make things better within your life are small steps towards your goals. Keep it up!

Speaking of our personal life and business, there is a topic we deal with in both and we are approaching that time of year again, Tax Time. That’s right, tax time is coming and we will have a few tips for you in our upcoming “WUT?” newsletter (sign up here) on April 10, 2019, outlining five of the top tax software products.