virtual office servicesThe world of work is changing.  Business models are being reinvented all the time. Consider this:

I work for one of the best companies in my entire career.

My days are spent in the nicest office I’ve ever had.  My workplace has a full gym with shower facilities and lockers.  The kitchen has everything one could want; the latest appliances, gourmet food,  a wide selection of coffees and teas.  I go outside and walk at every lunch hour.  I can set my own hours, flex-time and I don’t do the rush hour commute.  I can take a day off without having to get approval.  My extended health care is paid for by the company.  I have even brought my dog to work!  This is the best job I’ve ever had!

I’m the sole employee and also the owner of the company and I run a Virtual Assistant practice from my home office.

Today, million dollar companies are run out of home offices, and it’s becoming more and more common.  No overhead and virtual teams running the back office quietly behind the scenes so that the business owner can concentrate on growing the company.

I can foresee a time when office buildings will be redundant; meetings will be conducted in coffee shops with meeting rooms available.  Indeed, in Daniel Pink’s 2001 book, “Free Agent Nation, The Future of Working for Yourself” Starbucks has been doing this in the U.S. for many years – providing beverages and snacks for clients that rent their meeting room space on a short term basis.  With the advent of Skype and other online tools, there is no longer as great a need to meet in person.  This is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint.

Remote office management is cost effective, green and efficient.  In the current economy, it’s all about fiscal restraint and minding where every penny goes.  This new type of office management is the most cost effective way to cope with the nuts and bolts of day to day operations because there is no overhead, no employee taxes and benefits to administer nor paying for non-work time.  Best of all, outsourcing administrative management is flexible and can be pro-rated with sales cycles or seasons, so employers aren’t stuck with finding 40 hours of work for people to do each week in the off season.

Think about how this type of management could fit into your business.  Are you struggling? I’d like to know about it! Drop me a line below with your comments.  Thanks!