group of peopleYou work hard on your business, you put in the hours choosing just the right words for a brochure, answering the phone, taking out the trash, finalizing the month end accounting. It’s a lot and it all rests on your shoulders. Or does it?

Your business support tasks can be divided into two types of functions – the “core” and the “supportive”. Your business success depends on each of these functions, some depend on your personal input and some do not.

Let me say that again: some depend on your personal input …..Some. Do. Not.

That is a hard truth for many business owners who have poured in their time, talent and very life into making their business successful. Just take a moment and let that sink in. Some tasks do not require your personal input. There is nothing wrong with walking away and letting someone you trust accomplish some tasks for you, and you only need to check in on.

One of the key steps in the support hiring process, is determining which tasks are CORE and which are SUPPORTIVE.  If you’re stuck on this and need help, connect with me by clicking here.

The core functions of your business depend on you and are vitally important to the growth of your business; supportive functions drive your business and keep it running and are related to the core functions.

When considering what tasks you should unload, think about the core tasks that you need to keep doing as the business owner.

As a Virtual Assistant service provider for over 12 years, I have seen this process many, many times. It takes courage and honesty for a business owner to look at a task and say “that doesn’t need me”.

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