place in your lifeDo you have a place in your life to which you return to time and again which seems to be ‘primed’ for good ideas? Studies say that many complex problems can be solved by jumping in the shower, there is something about the environment with the water and few distractions that allows your brain to put together solutions to complicated problems.

Obviously, spending all day in the shower is not feasible (and, let’s face it, awkward for meetings), so the next best thing that “they” tell us is to have one dedicated spot where you sit and think and write. Famous business leader John Maxwell talks about his Thinking Chair.

When the 10th anniversary of beginning my business came around, I bought myself a big comfy red chair. It sits in my office and has become the place I go to for writing, for incubating new ideas, and in some ways as a reminder of all the successes I have experienced to this point.

We should all have the good place place of successes to which we return when we need to be reminded that we did it before, so we can certainly do it again. This is the wisdom that comes with experience. In addition to being industry providers of Virtual Assistance, we wish to partner with business leaders like yourself to empower you toward your own success. In this way, when you are not sure where to turn, you can ‘borrow’ from my wisdom and seed it into your business to see your own success.

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Do you have a ‘thinking spot’? Tell me about it! Inspire others.