Here’s an excerpt from my new E-book:

best virtual assistantsPerhaps you have been hesitant in hiring a Virtual Assistant because you’ve never managed a resource before or maybe you fear that a remote relationship would be more difficult to work with than an onsite employee. The two most important steps you can take in outsourcing remotely is planning and finding the right person. Ask other business owners you know about any experiences they’ve had in working with VAs or other remote resources. Keep in mind also you shouldn’t rush to hire; take your time.

Throughout my 11 years as a Virtual Assistant practice owner, I’ve heard this line many times and it’s one of my favorites: “I hired a VA and it was a bad experience.” That is a totally subjective statement; there were at least two people in that client and Virtual Assistant Work. Perhaps the business owner wasn’t clear on what needed to be done, or there were language issues – the list could be endless and in the end, the two people in that relationship likely have widely different views on what happened and why it ended. I’ve seen this so many times! We’re all human so be fair and objective. In retort, I could have said, “I took on a new client, and it was a bad experience.” (See where I’m going with this?)

What has been your experience with outsourcing? Share your comments below – I’d love to hear from you!