In one of my 2016 blog articles, I touched on the ability now provided to professionals working in the actual white fluffy clouds from airplanes via the “Cloud” of cyberspace.

As mentioned in that article, for seasoned business travelers working in the cloud(s) is standard practice. However, I was speaking with a friend who does travel for work in the ‘original’ clouds and finds it very difficult to get on a plane. So, why don’t we troubleshoot those cloud(s) with the following helpful tips?

• Before travel, some may dwell on the negative feelings associated with the upcoming trip. Those negative feelings may be coming from a phobia. Remember the phobia is an irrational thought. Try replacing those negative thoughts with positive thoughts focusing on some of the aspects that are good about the trip. Are you getting to see a new place, meet new people, see loved ones, or maybe you are looking forward to just relaxing when you get there? Whatever the reason, do not let the negative thoughts shadow your positive experience!

• In preparation for your flight, organize yourself so you are not rushing at the last minute, by making sure you have everything you need ready to go. This should allow you some time to relax before you leave and do something nice for yourself.

• Before your trip, try not to consume too much caffeine or alcohol as these may tend to make people a little more nervous before flights. Try water and light snacks, chamomile or peppermint tea.

• When you’re on the plane, take the time to understand the safety information. However, just because that information is there doesn’t mean you need to start envisioning scary scenarios in your head.

• Understand there will be noises made by the plane that are normal and you will feel turbulence, especially when the plane moves through clouds, or encounters wind currents. This doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the plane.

• Breathe and distract yourself. Keep calm and try some breathing exercises, then try reading, work on a puzzle book or if you can, try to get some work done. Whatever is a distraction that will work for you. The more time you spend on these distractions the less time you are focusing on the flight and before long the time will have passed and you will be at your destination!

Now about those other type of cloud(s): my article in 2016 also noted the benefits of working with cloud software and as this type of software has certainly seen an increase in usage since 2016, it makes sense to note some of the benefits:

• There is now such a variety of cloud-based software available to businesses tacking a wide range of requirements such as accounting, human resource management and time tracking, full suites of software, and infrastructure.

• Information storage no longer needs to be onsite (although I would recommend a good back-up because you never know).

• The software can scale in size based on your company’s growth or reduction.

• Many of the systems out there are secure and need to adhere to security standards.

• You can take your work anywhere. As mentioned in my previous article I was working at 39,000 feet and still accessing my files through Wi-Fi, sending them back to my assistant to work on.

The clouds, whether they hold the rain or hold your files, are pretty impressive so why not check them both out!

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