Being invited to speak at an event can be a wonderful honour bestowed upon the potential speaker by those who want to hear the speaker’s message and share it with others. However, for some, it can be a great cause of anxiety and fear, with the thought that all those eyes will be on them and focused on everything that is said.

The ability to be a good speaker does not always go hand in hand with the ability to do it easily. It takes practice. I have spoken with many who are fantastic speakers, but they are extremely nervous before hand to the point of being physically ill. Just remember, if you are in this group of uneasy speakers, you are not alone.

So, then what? What can be done to make this easier, or at least get you through it?

Keep these few things in mind when getting ready to speak to a group when you may be feeling less than confident.

Your audience is there because they want to be: For the most part, people attending a conference, meeting, or lecture are there because they chose to be there, to hear your message and will be supportive of your efforts. They tend to not be judgmental, are not making snap decisions about you based on your haircut, clothes etc. and are there to hear what you have to say. Even if they are not by choice (perhaps they have bee instructed to go by their boss), these attendees, will most likely just listen politely.

Change your worry to excitement: Yes, this is a tough one. You are so focused on the negative aspects of what may happen, but what if you switched your thought process and redirected it to excitement at the possibilities of doing a great job? Go into it with a positive outlook, and understand that even if it doesn’t all go the way you want, you still did it! You would have accomplished a major step in your own personal development.

Practice and prepare: Practicing the presentation before hand helps a lot. Try getting a small audience together or even just practice by yourself. Give yourself a few days in advance to do this. Go through and read your presentation, re-write if you have to and make a few speaking notes for yourself as a guide. By taking these steps to practice and prepare you are more familiar with the material, making it easier to engage in a conversational type of presentation, making eye contact with your audience, instead of your notes. Another great place to practice amongst a supportive group would be to contact your local Toastmaster’s group.

Know the environment: Make yourself familiar with the presentation venue and environment, so you are more comfortable before speaking.

Interact with your audience: If you’re worried about the audience getting bored make sure to leave room for people to ask questions. Listening to their questions can give you a little break as well to take a drink of water and re-group as needed. This can also can help you gain some extra time on your presentation if it seems to be too short. Remember to be welcoming of questions, and stay clam.

Take care of yourself: Getting rest, eating well, taking the time to pamper yourself a little before the presentation day provides a little extra boost and don’t forget to give yourself a little time to use the restroom before the presentation. Make sure you have some water by your side to take sips to avoid a dry mouth while speaking. If possible, make sure you’re already standing up a few minutes before the presentation, so you don’t have to maneuver around obstacles to get to your place.

To the audience: Perhaps you are reading this and are not a speaker, but frequently attend presentations. Why not do what you can to make the speaker feel confident and perhaps let them know what you enjoyed in their presentation? We’re all in this together.

No matter the size of the group you are speaking to, you can do it and there are people in your audience that are in your corner. Be excited for this opportunity – you’ll do great!